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What We Do


LSVAP provides free legal services through mail, phone, email and video conferencing; LSVAP clients do not have to travel to Austin. Our BIA Accredited bilingual staff support immigrant victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in preparing and submitting:

  • VAWA Self Petitions

  • U Visa Applications

  • Petitions to Remove Conditions on Residence

  • Applications for Employment Authorization

  • Applications to Adjust to Legal Permanent Resident Status.


Our staff examines the details of every case to identify new ways we can assist immigrant victims of abuse. For example, if we find our clients do not have access to life saving resources in the language they speak, we offer training for community stakeholders on working with persons with limited english proficiency (LEP). When we come across law enforcement agencies who have never used the U Visa certification, LSVAP offers training materials on how officers can use the U Visa as a tool to encourage community policing. Examining the details of each case lets us better serve our clients; it also helps us create simpler paths between victims and the resources they need.


LSVAP takes a dual approach to domestic violence and sexual abuse education:

1. Use public awareness campaigns to let immigrant victims know that there is help available and they do not have to live with abuse. 


2. Work directly with school district employees, medical personnel, law enforcement/first responders, and other stakeholders in the communities we serve to make it easier for victims to report abuse and to improve outcomes for those who come forward.

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