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Lone Star Victims Advocacy Project provides free immigration legal services to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse in underserved areas of Texas. 

Who We Are

Immigrants living with abuse face a unique set of social and legal challenges. LSVAP staff are dedicated to helping individual victims and underserved communities navigate these challenges.

What We Do

LSVAP provides free legal services for immigrant victims of abuse in rural Texas communities. We also provide education for communities, law enforcement, and shelter staff on preventing abuse and how to best respond when incidents of abuse or violence occur.

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We believe that no human being should be forced to endure domestic violence or sexual abuse, and that all victims should be treated with respect and compassion. Help us bring education and legal assistance to some of our state's most vulnerable communities.


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 I would not have been able to find legal help that I received and now I have legal status. Now I feel the strong and blessed thanks to working with this program. Thousands and thousands of thanks.