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Get to Know Nadia, Our New Social Work Consultant!

We're excited to announce that Nadia Kalinchuk is joining LSVAP as our bilingual MSW consultant! We are so happy to have her on our team; welcome, Nadia!

With Nadia’s help, we can ensure that LSVAP is a trauma-informed work place. As the social work consultant, she will be providing emergency phone counseling to immigrant victims of domestic violence as well as to help originate, structure, and implement an internship program.

Photo of Nadia Kalinchuk

Nadia Kalinchuk has worked in governmental and non-governmental organizations to support service provision to historically under-served populations. Throughout her career, Nadia has primarily worked at the intersection of migration and gender. Whether providing advocacy services directly to clients, examining and informing policy makers on the impact of policies, or providing organizational development, training, support and consultation, Nadia enjoys being a part of a team and solving problems. Nadia started her work in this field by providing counseling and advocacy services to women and child trauma survivors of domestic, sexual and political violence. She is a trauma subject matter expert, having used her expertise in a variety of settings.

Her background in organizational development, training, and social work make her a dynamic contribution, whose focus is on improving communication, developing processes, building relationships and leading change. Nadia's professional style blends her commitment to social justice, creative problem-solving, and a sense of humor.


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