60 Minute Massage from Meador Massage

Starting Bid: $40

Donated by Elizabeth Meador

Starting bid: $40

Item Description from Meador Massage: Cranio-sacral therapy is an amazing system for helping the body release stuck energy in a very non-invasive way. Using cues from the cranio-sacral rhythm (the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid from the brain through the spinal cord), we can tap into areas of restriction. A session will include 10-steps for helping the body release the restrictions in the craniosacral system, namely the skull, spinal cord and meninges of the brain and spinal cord. By releasing these areas, we can experience release of deeply held tension, pain and anxiety.

This item will all be available at the in person silent auction on October 18, 2019, during the Evening to Empower event. You can buy tickets here

If you're unable to attend, but still wish to continue bidding on this item, comment before 12 p.m. on 10/18/2019 and say "My maximum bid is ____." As long as no one bids over that amount during the in-person auction, the item will be yours!

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