1 hr. Healing/cleansing work from Erica Benedicto

Starting Bid: $40

Donated by: Erica Benedicto (

Item Description:

I guide you to:

Integrate meditation and mindfulness in your every day Establish a meditation practice Find mindful ways that suit your unique personality and lifestyle Create or reignite passion and excitement for the practice Overcome fears and obstacles that keep you from living your best life. Bring clarity and calm to the chatter of the mind How else can mindfulness and meditation help?

Decrease inflammation that are the foundation of most illness and disease Improve sleep, concentration, stress, the blues and low self-esteem Help improve relationships and allow heart-opening inviting in more connection Empower you to speak your truth I’m here to empower you to live your best life and return to the calling you were meant for through mindfulness and meditation. Together we’ll chill-out and naturally get through the blocks that keep you from living the fun, prosperous, creative, passion-driven, love-filled life you are here to live. We work meditation like a light switch, helping turn up the bright light that life, society, family, your mind has dimmed for too long.

Starting Bid: $40

This item will all be available at the in person silent auction on October 18, 2019, during the Evening to Empower event. You can buy tickets here

If you're unable to attend, but still wish to continue bidding on this item, comment before 12 p.m. on 10/18/2019 and say "My maximum bid is ____." As long as no one bids over that amount during the in-person auction, the item will be yours!

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